What Is Backflow Testing And Why Is It Necessary?

July 6th 2022

On the most basic level, backflow is caused when the pressure in a water system malfunctions, causing potentially contaminated water and waste to flow in the reverse direction. Backflow testing is the procedure by which backflow prevention devices (BPDs) are checked to ensure that they are working properly. Because BPDs prevent   ▸

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Gas Fireplace Installation

July 5th 2022

Why Choose Gas? Gas fireplaces also have a significant energy efficiency advantage, in general, over wood-burning types. Gas fireplaces provide more heat relative to their consumption of energy, making them an efficient use of the gas that they burn. Gas fireplaces can also be bought with features such as thermostats and   ▸

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Gas Stove Installation

July 5th 2022

Understanding The Benefits And The Risks Having a gas stove installed is a great way to heat your Calgary home, particularly if you have an attachment to a natural gas supply line. Understanding the risks involved with improperly installed or maintained natural gas stoves is the key to safely using them   ▸

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