Backflow Testing Services

Never Guess If Your Backflow Prevention Device Is Working Properly

As a responsible home or business owner, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers posed by backflow. Backflow prevention devices prevent contaminants from flowing in the opposite direction where they are not intended to flow (ie. back into your potable water supply).

What Is Backflow Testing And Why Is It Necessary?

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Affordable And Well Worth The Peace Of Mind

Backflow inspection services are a small expense when compared to the thousands you'd spend if your backflow device failed during a flood, or worse, contaminated your water supply.

Always Go With A Certified Cross Connection Specialist

Tight Lines Plumbing takes pride in providing our customers with the best backflow testing services. As a professional team of plumbers, we are here to provide backflow inspection services in Calgary when you need them. While there are various types of backflow prevention devices available to you, the only one that is guaranteed to work in preventing backflow is the one installed by plumbers trained and experienced in the numerous types of equipment, models and installations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Do Backflow Testing Services In Calgary?
The backflow piping system is a plumbing device that prevents untreated water from back-flowing into the home. This system must be tested once every three years by a certified plumber with a valid backflow certificate to ensure that it works properly. The plumbing inspector checks that the pipes, connections, and valves are clean and in good condition
Is Backflow Testing Required?
Backflow testing is required in most instances to ensure that the backflow prevention assembly is fully functional. Any backflow prevention assembly will fail if it’s not maintained and cleaned regularly.
Why Do You Need Backflow Testing?
Mistakenly connected or faulty water service pipes can result in backflow of contaminated water into the potable water pipe. The pressure difference on either side of a backflow prevention device can be lethal.